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Portrait of a Student, by Laura Wheeler Waring, c. 1930s. Image courtesy of Madeline Murphy Rabb


My name is Valerie Harris and I'm a writer and subject matter expert on the African American artist/illustrator Laura Wheeler Waring (1887-1948). Contact me to present, participate on a panel, or contribute an article on Waring's remarkable career and legacy.

Laura Wheeler at her easel, early 1920s

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I created this site to share the remarkable story of Laura Wheeler Waring, who enjoyed an enviable artistic career during the first half of the 20th century, mingling with many cultural elites of her day. I believe her professional and personal choices will resonate with contemporary working women, who receive various opportunities as well as disappointments on their journey. You'll find plenty of engaging visuals here, too. Note: this site is best viewed on desktops/laptops rather than phones.

Waring deserves a published biography and I am the one to write it.  I'll start with this biographical blog- the @ vharriswrites. You can access it here. Join the mailing list so you don't miss an episode. And I welcome your comments and questions about Waring's  life and work.

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This site also houses my other work. Under vharrisprojects you'll find articles for professionals working at nonprofit organizations and resources specifically designed to develop their expertise.   My Life in Projects is a gallery of my past and ongoing creative projects--from plays, to magazine publishing, to a documentary film. I'm currently at work on a novel based (loosely) on Waring and a number of her contemporaries active before, during, and beyond the Harlem Renaissance.


If you are a writer or reader of  contemporary women's literature, historical fiction, or biography let's connect! See my socials below.

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