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My Life in Projects

This page is dedicated to some of the many creative/community-focused projects that have taken over my life at one time or another. I'm one of those people who have a lot of interests, which results in my having done a lot of different things. Over the years, it has required discipline, especially as a single mom, to either stay at 9 to 5 jobs for long periods of time or to make my creative projects pay off. Or both! Hence, my workshop: "Finding Write Livelihood." I've been fortunate to have created opportunities for myself while also serving my community. 

May all who peruse this page find inspiration to do likewise!

Click on the images below to browse the galleries.

Write Livelihood defined.jpg

From the "Finding 'Write' Livelihood" workshop, presented at The Power of Words conference, Goddard College, 2008 

gallery 1.

So many projects! I wish I'd kept all of the documentation of my work. Oh well...  here's a sampling, starting with the most recent ones.

gallery 2.

The 1980s were my Wonder Years! New York, Paris, Toronto, then back home to Philly. My life in the theater. Big fun!

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